The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Session #14

We began investigating the remaining quarter of the castle, finding a chapel: mostly intact, with artwork and carvings dedicated to a few human gods. Harbek found a gold statuette of a sun elf, wrapped in red cloth and buried under the coals in the brazier. While distracted by this, we were attacked by a grayish worm-like thing, which we slew despite its thick skin.

Behind a pair of curtained doors, there was a shrine with a stone altar covered in a blood-stained black cloth. A goblin priest ordered us to leave, but we stayed and slew him and one of his guards. The other guard fled through a side door, locking it behind him; we were unable to follow quickly enough to prevent his escape.

Through that door was a storage room. Among the supplies were some bloody chainmail, a heavy crossbow, and a longsword with the emblem of Neverwinter on the hilt. (In the next session, we asked Sildar about it; it turned out to be his equipment, taken from him when he and Gundren were captured.) Also a small cask of quality dwarven brandy.

In the barracks, Milo found an unexpectedly light (but non-magical) quarterstaff engraved with stylized feathers. (In the next session, he left it in the care of his aunt—eliciting excitement from Carp and perhaps a bit of annoyance from Qelline.)



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