The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Session #16

We arrived at Old Owl Well to find the Red Wizard’s tent still pitched outside of the tower. Just inside the ruined tower was the necromancer, surrounded by a dozen of his zombie minions. We confronted him, demanding that he leave; he insisted that he was doing important arcane research in these ruins, and he wasn’t bothering anyone: he had every right to be there. Undead are abominations, though, so we attacked. The scuffle was challenging (his magic missiles packed a wallop, and he made strategic use of a short-range teleport, an otherwise unreachable ledge, and an arrow slit), but ultimately, our offensive forced the wizard to flee and we mopped up the zombies.

Session #15

We unbarred the SE door of the castle and, with coördinated tactics, took down the owlbear imprisoned within.

We headed back to Phandalin without incident. Returned Sildar’s equipment found in the previous session. (“My stuff!”) Gundren was grateful for our assistance, and offered us 10% (total, not each) of the mine production if we help get the mine up and running.

The next morning, we set out toward Old Owl Well to confront the necromancer. On the first day of travel, we encountered a pair of ogres on the road. We had the good fortune to spot them from some distance, so with ranged attacks and steady withdrawal, we were able to dispatch them without serious losses.

Session #14

We began investigating the remaining quarter of the castle, finding a chapel: mostly intact, with artwork and carvings dedicated to a few human gods. Harbek found a gold statuette of a sun elf, wrapped in red cloth and buried under the coals in the brazier. While distracted by this, we were attacked by a grayish worm-like thing, which we slew despite its thick skin.

Behind a pair of curtained doors, there was a shrine with a stone altar covered in a blood-stained black cloth. A goblin priest ordered us to leave, but we stayed and slew him and one of his guards. The other guard fled through a side door, locking it behind him; we were unable to follow quickly enough to prevent his escape.

Through that door was a storage room. Among the supplies were some bloody chainmail, a heavy crossbow, and a longsword with the emblem of Neverwinter on the hilt. (In the next session, we asked Sildar about it; it turned out to be his equipment, taken from him when he and Gundren were captured.) Also a small cask of quality dwarven brandy.

In the barracks, Milo found an unexpectedly light (but non-magical) quarterstaff engraved with stylized feathers. (In the next session, he left it in the care of his aunt—eliciting excitement from Carp and perhaps a bit of annoyance from Qelline.)

Session #13

We continued exploring the castle; slaughtered some goblins eating dinner, then took out a group of goblins and hobgoblins holed up in Groll’s chambers.

The SE room sounds like there’s some sort of beast behind the barred door. The NW quarter of the castle remains unexplored.

Session #12

Searched the room. Under the “king’s” bed, along with the loot noted elsewhere, was some rolled-up parchment: a map to Wave Echo Cave, where Nundro & Tharden were headed, but perhaps captured at the behest of the Black Spider.

At Gundren’s suggestion, we decided to escort him directly back to town. This trip was uneventful.

Sildar gave us the promised reward of 500gp for driving off the chieftain of the Cragmaw Clan and finding Gundren.

We set out early the next day to return to the Castle to clear out any remaining rabble. On the way, we encountered an ogre! After Atomikus and Harbek got a couple hits in, Milo shot the ogre in the eye. It still managed to get a nasty hit on Royal with its spiked club, but then Royal recovered and took off the ogre’s head!

The rest of the trip to the Castle was uneventful. We went in the front door this time, and scuffled with a half-dozen goblins and hobgoblins.

Session #11

We set off for the Castle (a two-day trip). In the first night, we were set upon by a small pack of stirges, but they were quickly dispatched, much to our relief.

The next day, we arrived at the Castle. We slipped through a ruined part of the wall, and a short bit of exploration led to us barging in on a bugbear, a wolf, and a doppelganger appearing as a drow. Gundren was unconscious. After a tough fight, we conquered our foes, healed Gundren, and rested. (Talk and searching to be handled next session.)

Session #10

Exploring Thundertree, we noticed a black-clad man stuck in the webbing outside the late spiders’ den. He insisted we return to the barricaded farmhouse to speak with Favrik about the dragon.

All those there wore black cloaks and black leather masks with stylized horns. They plan to bribe the dragon with an offering of gems; they have three 100-gp diamonds, but expect to need more than that (about double). We decided to finish exploring town, then go raid the Castle; we’ll return later to contribute to the pooled offering. (And, you know, ask about the masks.)

We returned to the NW part of town, to explore a remaining triad of buildings. First up was a ruined cottage; after clearing a pack of twig blights, we found a chest of coins hidden under some flagstones in the floor. We took the whole thing, dirty chest and all.

The next cottage had nothing of note, but the tavern held four ash zombies. After dispatching them, we returned to the garrison to hole up for a long rest.

Session #9

Investigated smithy. Killed a couple ash zombies.

Next building was the Dendrar shop; we retrieved the necklace.

Nearby was a farmhouse in better repair. The doors were barred and windows shuttered; at least one inhabitant, but no response beyond “Go away!” We expressed our intent to return later.

Investigated the garrison; found five more ash zombies. We dispatched them readily and took a short rest.

In the ruins of a weaver’s cottage, we encountered another pack of twig blights. Nothing of note there; one more cluster of buildings in town remains unexplored.

Session #8

On the way to Thundertree, we encountered a band of 4 hobgoblins having an argument in the road. There was a brief scuffle; one carried what was essentially a flyer for a 25gp bounty for a dwarf, apparently issued by The Black Spider.

Approaching Thundertree from the south, we saw a cottage still intact, with sturdy shutters and a reinforced door. A gaunt, white-bearded man answered when we knocked and let us in. Very terse; probably the druid Reidoth. He sketched a map of the area north of Phandalin, SE of Thundertree, indicating the location of the Castle. He’ll tell us where the Cave is if we first prove ourselves by driving the young green dragon out of the tower on the north side of town.

While investigating the ruins of a farmhouse, we were mobbed by several twig blights. They were fragile, though, and burn well.

We killed a couple giant spiders outside a ruined shop; Atomikus learned to let Harbek stand between him and poisonous beasties. Inside the shop was a cocooned adventurer corpse with a modest amount of loot. We holed up there for a short rest, and plan to investigate the building next door.

Session #7

Proceeded from Wyvern Tor to Old Owl Well. There was a tent and some ruins, but no sign of activity. The air stunk of decaying flesh. As we approached, a dozen zombies came shambling out of the ruins of the watchtower! We began making quick work of them, but then a Red Wizard of Thay stepped out of the tent and confronted us. Not wanting to tangle with him just yet, we opted to leave, possibly to return later.

Proceeded to Conyberry, the ruins of a town long since sacked by barbarians. Got directions to the banshee’s lair in the forest. Milo presented the comb and asked about the spellbook Sister Garaele sought. The banshee informed us that a century ago, she traded that book to a necromancer named Tsernoth, who was originally from someplace near Baldur’s Gate.

We headed back to Phandalin to give this information to Sister Garaele. On the way down the Tribor Trail, some ghouls approached us during Royal’s watch, but we dispatched them quickly. (There do seem to be a lot of undead around here!)

Sister Garaele will look into our information regarding the whereabouts of the spellbook, and may contact us if she has further needs; in the meantime, she gave us three potions of healing for her thanks.

Wester seemed to “remember” only offering us 50gp to clear Wyvern Tor, but Milo was able to “persuade” him that 150gp was more appropriate for adventurers of our status and needs.


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