Loot Log

Current shared group property:

  • Talon [entrusted to Atomikus]
  • Glass Staff
  • 2 potions of healing (2d4+2) [Royal]
  • 2 potions of healing (2d4+2) [Atomikus]
  • 2 potions of healing (2d4+2) [Milo]
  • 1 potion of healing (2d4+2) [Harbek]
  • potion of invisibility [Milo]
  • scroll of augury [Harbek]
  • scrolls of charm person and fireball
  • scroll in a bone tube (from necromancer’s tent)
  • alchemical reagents (mercury, dragon bile, powdered nightshade)
  • black leather eyepatch set with semiprecious stones (worth about 50gp)
  • gold earring set with a tiny ruby (worth about 30gp)
  • 3 vials of perfume (each worth about 10gp)
  • gold necklace with emerald pendant (worth about 200gp)
  • gold statuette of a sun elf wrapped in red cloth (limited-use augury effect; from Cragmaw chapel)
  • golden dagger [Milo], chalice, and censer (from Cragmaw shrine)
  • small cask of quality dwarven brandy (about 20 glasses worth)
  • silk pouch of gems:
    • 5 malachite (each worth 15gp)
    • 5 carnelian (each worth 10 gp)
    • 2 peridot (each worth 15gp)
    • 1 pearl (worth 100gp)
    • 1 pearl (from necromancer’s tent)
  • dirty chest containing much of our shared loot
  • tiny jeweled box (from necromancer’s tent)
  • 3cp, 2sp, 1pp

Session #16:

(No loot in #15.) In the necromancer’s tent, we found 35sp, 20ep, 20gp, and 5pp, a pearl, a scroll in a bone tube, and a tiny jeweled box.

Combined with previous coinage and divided between us, we each gain 9sp, 5ep, 5gp, and 1pp, with 3cp, 2sp, and 1pp left unsplit.

Session #14:

(No loot in #13.) The gold statuette found in the chapel possesses divination magic—apparently a limited-use augury effect. From the shrine, we looted a golden dagger (which caught Milo’s eye), chalice, and censer. In the storage room, we found a small cask (about 20 glasses worth) of quality dwarven brandy. In the barracks, Milo found an unexpectedly light quarterstaff engraved with stylized feathers.

Session #12:

(No loot in #11.) Under King Groll’s mattress, we found a sack with 220sp, 160ep, 3 healing potions, and a map to Wave Echo Cave. As a reward for killing Groll and finding Gundren, Sildar rewarded us 500gp.

The healing potions were given to Atomikus, Harbek, and Milo, to bring Harbek to 1 and all others to 2 each.

Combined with previous coinage, this gives a new group total of 703cp, 383sp, 160ep, and 592gp. Dividing this up gives each of us 175cp, 95sp, 40ep, and 148gp, with 3cp and 3sp left unsplit.

Session #10:

Dirty chest containing 700cp, 160sp, and 90gp (not yet divided).

Session #9:

Gold necklace with emerald pendant (200gp) from the Dendrar shop.

Session #8:

The cocooned adventurer had 23gp, 35sp, and 1 healing potion. The potion is entrusted to Atomikus; coins, pooled with existing, divide to 6gp and 8sp each.

Session #7:

3 potions of healing from Sister Garalla and 150gp from Wester as quest rewards.

The gold splits to 37gp for each of us, with 2gp added to the unsplit total.

Session #6:

70cp on the goblins’ bodies.

Milo and Atomikus spent their healing potions to revive Harbek during the fight with the orcs.

Treasure chest: 750cp, 180sp, 62ep, 30gp, and 3 vials of perfume (each worth about 10gp).

Combined with previous coinage and split four ways, this yields 205cp, 45sp, 16ep, and 8gp each, with 3cp and 1gp left unsplit.

Session #5:

Milo sold the pelts to Lionshields for 64gp (16gp to each of us).

Reward for returning Albreck to Sildar: 200gp (50gp to each of us).

Session #4:

30 beaver pelts (each worth 2gp) from storeroom

Albreck’s Glass Staff

Albreck’s chest contained 180sp, 130gp, two scrolls (charm person and fireball), and a silk pouch of gems:
5 carnelians (each worth 10gp)
2 peridots (each worth 15gp)
1 pearl (worth 100gp)

His lab contained some alchemical reagents: mercury, dragon bile, and powdered nightshade.

The sack in the water held two potions (healing and invisibility) [both entrusted to Milo], 50gp, and a set of travel clothing.

Coins split to 45sp and 45gp each, with unsplit leftover still remaining.

Session #3:

“Eyepatch Joe” (leader of the bugbear trio): 33sp and a black leather eyepatch set with semiprecious stones worth 50gp.

Chest from chasm: 160sp, 120gp, 5 malachite gems (each worth 15gp), 2 potions of healing (2d4+2) [entrusted to Royal and Atomikus], scroll of augury [entrusted to Harbek], and Talon [entrusted to Atomikus].

Gaming room: 75cp, 55sp, 22ep, 15gp, gold earring set with a tiny ruby (worth about 30gp).

Totaled and split four ways yields 18cp, 62sp, 5ep, and 33gp each, with 3cp, 2ep, 3gp, eyepatch, malachite, and earring unsplit.

Session #2:

Klarg’s stash: 600cp, 110sp, frog statuette worth 40gp.

In town, received 40gp for returning Sildar, 40gp for delivering the supplies to Bartham’s, and Milo was able to sell the frog + recovered Lionshield goods for a total of 100gp. Everything split four ways.

Session #1:

3 gold teeth (each worth 1gp) and 15sp, split three ways.

Loot Log

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